24 July 2011

5 Things You Don't Need To Buy Anymore

It's about creating new habits. Have less around your home and more in your bank account.

1.  Books, Movies & Music- They create clutter.   Borrow  media  from the library.

2.  Paper Products- Paper towels, napkins, tissues.  Tear up a flannel sheet for towels and tissues.  Cloth napkins replace the paper ones.
 3.  Expensive Household Cleaning Products - Cut back to a few simple items and look up homemade recipes.   These ingredients are much less expensive and environmentally friendly.  Vinegar, ammonia, baking soda, washings soda, Borax and Fels-Naptha. 
tipnut.com where you can find lots of cleaning product recipes.  Below is a link to a recipe for laundry detergent.

4.  Bottled Salad Dressing and Condiments- Use olive oil, vinegar and a variety of spices.
An easy ketchup recipe from epicurious.com, Tomato-Ketchup
olive oil and vinegar

 5.   Garden Plants:  Have a perennial party with fellow gardeners and share plants.  Or put an ad on craigslist.org offering to help thin out someone's garden.  Another way to expand your garden for free is to separate the plants that you have.
Hosta plants can be separated each year

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