07 July 2011

Our Food. Less Ingredients ....More Health!

As I become more intelligent about where food comes from and how processed foods are so unhealthy, I'm looking for better alternatives that are simple to prepare.
Popcorn Is A Great Place To Start
 A typical bag of  processed microwave popcorn has 12 ingredients including Potassium Chloride, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Color, TBHO(?) and Citric Acid. 

I love this natural way of making popcorn that can have just one or up to three ingredients. 
     I've been making popcorn like this for a number of years and haven't had to purchased the processed stuff..  I's simple, healthy, economical and you'll have less packaging to throw away.
    How To Make Healthy Microwave Popcorn

    1/4 cup regular popcorn (organic if possible)
    1 Brown Lunch Bag Or Microwave safe bowl
    Salt & Butter (optional)

    Directions:  Place 1/4 cup popcorn in brown lunch bag
    Push popcorn button on microwave, or pop on high until kernels are just about done popping
    Do not over cook or they will burn
    (may take a few practice tries to get the timing right)
    Melt butter & salt
    Toss over popcorn


    Note - the bag can be used more than once or better yet, use a microwave safe bowl.

    Author and speaker Michael Pollan has taught me so much about food and how to make healthy choices. I highly recommend his books.  Here is a link to his website.


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