01 August 2011

Junk Decorating - Choose Reused & Repurposed For Character & Style

Weathered table, metal Thermos planter free from dump

60's chairs, weathered table, and an old metal Thermos container used for a planter.

Weathered bench and table, old metal Thermos container for planter

For inspiration Junkmarketstyle.com


24 July 2011

5 Things You Don't Need To Buy Anymore

It's about creating new habits. Have less around your home and more in your bank account.

1.  Books, Movies & Music- They create clutter.   Borrow  media  from the library.

2.  Paper Products- Paper towels, napkins, tissues.  Tear up a flannel sheet for towels and tissues.  Cloth napkins replace the paper ones.
 3.  Expensive Household Cleaning Products - Cut back to a few simple items and look up homemade recipes.   These ingredients are much less expensive and environmentally friendly.  Vinegar, ammonia, baking soda, washings soda, Borax and Fels-Naptha. 
tipnut.com where you can find lots of cleaning product recipes.  Below is a link to a recipe for laundry detergent.

4.  Bottled Salad Dressing and Condiments- Use olive oil, vinegar and a variety of spices.
An easy ketchup recipe from epicurious.com, Tomato-Ketchup
olive oil and vinegar

 5.   Garden Plants:  Have a perennial party with fellow gardeners and share plants.  Or put an ad on craigslist.org offering to help thin out someone's garden.  Another way to expand your garden for free is to separate the plants that you have.
Hosta plants can be separated each year

10 July 2011

An Article About Paring Down Financially

Here's some of the lifestyle changes we've made over the years.  So much happier living with these modifications!  Click on the following link to view

 How I Slashed $4300 From My Family's Monthly Budget......


07 July 2011

Our Food. Less Ingredients ....More Health!

As I become more intelligent about where food comes from and how processed foods are so unhealthy, I'm looking for better alternatives that are simple to prepare.
Popcorn Is A Great Place To Start
 A typical bag of  processed microwave popcorn has 12 ingredients including Potassium Chloride, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Color, TBHO(?) and Citric Acid. 

I love this natural way of making popcorn that can have just one or up to three ingredients. 
     I've been making popcorn like this for a number of years and haven't had to purchased the processed stuff..  I's simple, healthy, economical and you'll have less packaging to throw away.
    How To Make Healthy Microwave Popcorn

    1/4 cup regular popcorn (organic if possible)
    1 Brown Lunch Bag Or Microwave safe bowl
    Salt & Butter (optional)

    Directions:  Place 1/4 cup popcorn in brown lunch bag
    Push popcorn button on microwave, or pop on high until kernels are just about done popping
    Do not over cook or they will burn
    (may take a few practice tries to get the timing right)
    Melt butter & salt
    Toss over popcorn


    Note - the bag can be used more than once or better yet, use a microwave safe bowl.

    Author and speaker Michael Pollan has taught me so much about food and how to make healthy choices. I highly recommend his books.  Here is a link to his website.


    01 July 2011

    10 Free Things To Do On A Summer Day

    • Bike Ride (my favorite)
    • Take a walk
    • Read a book
    • Rent a movie from the local library
    • Play a game
    • Call an old friend
    • Cook a meal with ingredients you have on hand
    • Draw or paint
    • Write a letter to a loved one
    • Make a list of goals you want to achieve
    Keep it light and simple

    Less shopping, more meaningful activities!

    26 June 2011

    Lobster Dinner For A Fraction Of The Restaurant Price

    Love lobster and a healthy bank account?  When I was young (and financially irresponsible) I went out for lobster dinner once a week.  I wish I had that money back! This is how I enjoy it now.....

    • Find out when lobster is on sale ($5.99-$6.99 per pound is a great price in New England)
    • Ask the seafood manager to steam them for you (takes about 15-20 minutes)
    • While they are cooking, grab your sides...slaw, corn, potato, bread
    • Your corn and potato can be quickly microwaved while you set the table at home and melt your butter! For a fraction of the restaurant price you can enjoy a wonderful lobster dinner with very little effort.

    I Love Lobster on the Cheap!!

    24 January 2011

    Declutter: Step 1 in Living "The Less Is The New More" Lifestyle

    My Decluttered Cabinet

    Clutter is not your friend because:
    • Getting around it wastes your time
    • You are more likely to misplace things
    • You are more likely to re-purchase things you already have but don't know it
    • You will have trouble cleaning underneath it
    • You will waste time taking care of it

    Declutter, make the world a better place, and put some money in your pocket as well! 

    Step 1:  Donate all the clothes, shoes, linens, kitchen and household items you don't want to a charity like Salvation Army or Goodwill or give them to a friend or relative.

    Step 2 Sell items of value. Post items on E-bay.com, Craigslist.org  take clothes to a Consignment shop or have a neighborhood  tag sale.

    Step 3:  Recycle or toss  the rest of your unwanted items at the dump.  

    As you let go of the clutter that holds you back, you will begin to feel a wonderful sense of control and freedom. Enjoy!

    Happy Organizing!
    Love life with less

    18 January 2011

    Less Is The New More

    Less Is More....a phrase we've heard for generations to remind us that when we keep things small and simple in our lives we usually gain greater enjoyment, satisfaction and pleasure.

    The Push For More...has also been around for generations.  We continue to be surrounded by brainwashing messages telling us that to be truely happy in life we need more.  More house, more car,  more income.We're working too many hours to pay for too many things, only to spend all of our time taking care of too much.  We're unhealthy, unfulfilled and unhappy

    Trending Toward Less...is a movement for a better human existence.  Many of us are saying "That's it, I want a life".  .  And we're looking for ways to get the most out of life with less.

    This Blog is about simplifying life in an effort to make it more meaningful, richer and happier.  Less is the new more, and these posts will be filled with ideas and inspirations for paring down.