18 January 2011

Less Is The New More

Less Is More....a phrase we've heard for generations to remind us that when we keep things small and simple in our lives we usually gain greater enjoyment, satisfaction and pleasure.

The Push For More...has also been around for generations.  We continue to be surrounded by brainwashing messages telling us that to be truely happy in life we need more.  More house, more car,  more income.We're working too many hours to pay for too many things, only to spend all of our time taking care of too much.  We're unhealthy, unfulfilled and unhappy

Trending Toward Less...is a movement for a better human existence.  Many of us are saying "That's it, I want a life".  .  And we're looking for ways to get the most out of life with less.

This Blog is about simplifying life in an effort to make it more meaningful, richer and happier.  Less is the new more, and these posts will be filled with ideas and inspirations for paring down.

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