24 January 2011

Declutter: Step 1 in Living "The Less Is The New More" Lifestyle

My Decluttered Cabinet

Clutter is not your friend because:
  • Getting around it wastes your time
  • You are more likely to misplace things
  • You are more likely to re-purchase things you already have but don't know it
  • You will have trouble cleaning underneath it
  • You will waste time taking care of it

Declutter, make the world a better place, and put some money in your pocket as well! 

Step 1:  Donate all the clothes, shoes, linens, kitchen and household items you don't want to a charity like Salvation Army or Goodwill or give them to a friend or relative.

Step 2 Sell items of value. Post items on E-bay.com, Craigslist.org  take clothes to a Consignment shop or have a neighborhood  tag sale.

Step 3:  Recycle or toss  the rest of your unwanted items at the dump.  

As you let go of the clutter that holds you back, you will begin to feel a wonderful sense of control and freedom. Enjoy!

Happy Organizing!
Love life with less