06 March 2012

Less Garbage More Fertilizer For Your Plants - Compost

Compost - It's a wonderful thing

First, find a container.  Pictured is an old ice bucket.  Then, fill it with kitchen scraps...orange peals, onion skins, coffee grounds, egg shells....etc. etc.

Fill up and dump regularly in a pile outside.   Add grass clippings and leaves.  Soon you will have beautiful free fertilizer.  Sift compost through an old plastic milk crate to remove the chunks.  Spread on your garden, around trees and in your pots. Watch your plants and trees flourish.

compost pile

Less Purchased Plastic More Money In Your Wallet & A Healthier Planet

No need to purchase plastic wrap and baggies.  Cut to size the plastic you've already bought when you purchased bread, rice, snacks and frozen products.   Use rubberbands and tape to secure.  Save money and the planet!

For a list of 99 ways to reuse plastic bags, click on this link